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Hardanger area
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Ulvik counts 1,094 inhabitants in an area of 720,83 km2. and is beautifully situated at the Hardangerfjord. It's boundaries stretch from sea level to 1800m altitude and includes the village of Vangsbygda, Ulvik, and Osa. It also includes the famous place Finse on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. For the last 150 years tourists from all over the world have been attracted to Ulvik because of it’s mild climate, beautiful springs with thousands of blossoming fruit trees, warm summers and its lush nature.
Located at 9 km from the centre of Ulvik. An amazing scenic mountain with 1,250 m. above sea level. The Osa Mountain is located between Bergensbana/Rallarvegen and Osa.The Hardangerjøkulen glacier is one of the highest peaks in the area. The village is 10 km by road from Ulvik and surrounded by steep mountainsides and roaring waterfalls. In Norddalen's fertile valley, there is an interesting place to visit, which is mill that has been restored to former glory. In addition, visitors from all over the world are fascinated by "cold" holes amongst the stones used as refrigerators in the old days. Open to traffic between May and September. Osa is known as "The diamond of Hardanger" due to its spectacular scenery. It is located 9 km from the centre of Ulvik. Because the road ends in Osa, you experience a kind of “middle of nowhere” feeling. This feeling, and the fact that Osa is situated between both the Hardangerfjord and Hardangervidda, lets you experience a unique variety of nature, all in one place! Within a radius of ca 1 km, there is the fjord -which is actually the sea with tides-, two white rivers, more than 1000m high steep mountainsides, waterfalls, forests, and two large valleys joining in Osa. From here you can hike all the way up until you reach the roughest and most remote part of Hardangervidda.
The Hardangerfjord Region. When exploring the Norwegian Fjords, make this Fjord your base. Stretching from Bergen, almost 170 km inland all the way to Ulvik, the Hardangerfjord region is one of the most exciting areas of Norway.
Hardangervidda national park
Hardangervidda is the largest mountain plateau in Europe. Hardangervidda is a Caledonian mountain area, and because of that it offers astonishing landscapes and panoramic views. Therefore it is considered to be unique in the world. The largest part of Hardangervidda is protected, and with ca 3422 km2 it now is Norway’s largest National Park, established in 1981. Using a wildlife management program, specialized rangers follow the more than 10.000 wild reindeer living in herds as large as 2000 animals. This way they coordinate hunting activities. It is a popular tourist and leisure destination, and it is ideal for many outdoor activities.
Voss has 14.168 inhabitants and its town centre is situated approximately 57 metres above sea level, which is a surprise to many people finding themselves surrounded by mountains. Visitors to Voss are seeking experiences closely connected to the landscape dominated by mountains, valleys of woodland and farmland, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. In Voss you are greeted by snowy mountaintops, valleys and forests, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. The locals will show you the Voss way of living in the town that can offer outdoor adventures year round. Located in the heart of Fjord Norway, between the famous fjords Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjorden, not far from glaciers and Bergen. Today, everybody can ”experience nature” in this town because outdoor adventures and activities are offered all year round. Voss has a rich cultural and traditional background, where visitors can enjoy great variety in what to see and do.
Bergen is an international city packed with history and tradition, a big city with 272.520 inhabitants and 465.56 km2, but with small-town charm and atmosphere. Bergen is known for Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, the Fish Market, surrounding mountains and fjords; such as the Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord. Bergen, is both a "European City of Culture" and "World Heritage City", and offers world-class experiences and culture. Being the getaway to the Fjords of Norway, the Bergen region has the ideal combination of nature, culture and interesting urban attractions - all year round.
Oslo is both an old and new capital with a history going back to the Viking era. It is a city in motion. Oslo today has more than 640.000 inhabitants, 454 km2 and is the nation's financial, political and cultural centre. In the heart of the city, Oslo is undergoing one of the largest development projects ever. "Fjord City" is making space for opera and ballet, museums, recreation areas, homes and restaurants in an area that was previously the domain of port activity and rush-hour traffic. Oslo has four seasons and activities to suit all ages - Oslo Winter Park and Korketrekkeren (The Cork Screw), toboggan run in winter; the Frogner Park lido, Oslofjord and city beaches in summer. Numerous parks, including Ekerberg and Vigeland sculpture parks, mean that Oslo is both green and urban at the same time.